Ongoing dog fouling

Friday, 13 October 2006 00:09

ImageFollowing ongoing dog fouling issues over many months in and around the village and extensive communication by the parish council and the village hall comittee, including :

Unfortunately, the matter remains open and this month two more incidents were reported to the parish council, including one involving several young, local children.

We have now engaged with the East Hampshire District Council's Dog Warden to resolve the issue. The dog warden will be in and around the village at various times days until the problem is resolved. They will enforce an on-the-spot fine to any dog owner who's pet is seen fouling and the owner does not clear up, this escalates to prosecution for repeat offenders.

The dog warden can be contacted on 01730 234360 and allows members of the public to report known offenders for investigation. Details of the dog warden can be found at the EHDC Web Site. A persons name or car registration is all that is required.

The parish council are empowered to apply the legislation defined in the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. Under part 6 of this act, we can fine dog owners in the same manner as the dog warden, however we would prefer to resolve this matter without having to resort to such levels.