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How do I keep up-to-date

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ImagePerhaps you are one of those people, like us, who only has 24 hours in a day and has trouble keeping up-to-date on local news and events, but you want to know whats going on, prefrably before you find out that they've already happened. - We can help you !

The web site supports RSS, or really simple syndication. For those not well versed in the latest wizz-bang featuers of the Internet, this is a news feed which you can use from your own PC, it tells you about the news which you want to see, without you having to visit the particular web site to find out whats happening, so it saves you time, but whats best is that its very simple to configure.

As long as you have an up-to-date web browser, simply click on the RSS 2.0 button in the "News Feeds" section of the web site and your computer will allow you to subscribe to the news you want to see.

From then on, your computer will tell you whats going on and you can click on the link to go directly to the information that interests you.

The web site has also linked to other external RSS feeds, so from here, you can see whats happening in in the UK news, the local weather, etc.

The external information can be found in the external news feeds part of the site


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Upcoming Events

  • Chawton WI - Craft Workshop
    September 13, 2017 (19:30 - 21:30)

    Chawton WI's craft workshop, an evening of sewing and crafting to be held at Chawton Village Hall.

  • Chawton WI - The art of being perfect
    October 11, 2017 (19:30 - 21:30)

    Chawton's WI are holding the "The Art of Being Perfect", a talk by Trisha Lewis on perfecting ourselves!

    Please note this is a group meeting so members from other local WIs will be in attendance.

    Event being held at Chawton Village Hall

  • Chawton WI - Christmas and other problems
    November 08, 2017 (19:30 - 21:30)

    Chawton's WI are holding "Christmas and Other Problems", a funny talk by Judy Theobald to get us in the Christmas Spirit!

    Event held at Chawton Village Hall.

  • Chawton WI Carol Service
    December 09, 2017 (14:00 - 16:00)

    Chawton WI are hosting a carol service in Chawton Church, ALL WELCOME!!

    Men, families, friends, everyone!  Refreshments will be provided.

    More details to follow.

  • Chawton WI - Christmas event
    December 13, 2017 (19:30 - 21:30)

    Our Christmas event, details to follow.

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