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You can see the old post office, Alphonsus House (3 storey house) on the right, Denmead (thatched cottage), the Village Hall, the pub.

Thanks to Graham Rankin for finding this one.

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HMS Chawton - Commissioning http://chawton.info/HMS-Chawton/hms-chawton-commissioning.html http://chawton.info/HMS-Chawton/hms-chawton-commissioning.html Reprint of a newspaper article from the "Hampshire Herald and Alton Gazette" re the commissioning of H.M.S. Chawton on October 16th 1958, with permission of the successor paper, the Alton Herald.

Chawton Rector Conducts Service

On Thursday morning of last week, H.M.S. Chawton, a new costal minesweeper was commissioned at Hythe (H.M.S. Diligence) on the western shore of Southampton Water in the presence of a number of residents of Chawton village, who's name the ship bears. The ship which was built at Fleetlands yard, Gosport, is commanded by Lieut. J. G. Riley, with a crew of 28 ratings and five officers. She is due to sail for the Mediterranean next Monday.

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HMS Chawton - M1209 http://chawton.info/HMS-Chawton/hms-chawton-m1209.html http://chawton.info/HMS-Chawton/hms-chawton-m1209.html ImageAlthough Chawton is not on the coast, we have a little bit of naval history via HMS Chawton, which was a "Ton Class"  (Wood) minesweeper / minehunter.

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Andrew Henderson - Recollections of Chawton in the 1950's http://chawton.info/Village-History/andrew-henderson-recollections-of-chawton-in-the-1950s.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/andrew-henderson-recollections-of-chawton-in-the-1950s.html Andrew Henderson at Carlyle HouseThe recollections of Andrew Henderson of his time in Chawton in the 1950's

Introduction by Tony Day – a resident at Rectory Cottage from 1979 until 2003.
The date is 15th July 2007 and I am with Andrew Henderson (in The Forge, Chawton, by kind permission of Robina Williamson).  Andrew is going to give us his memories and recollections of his time in Chawton.

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Voices from 1900 to 2000 http://chawton.info/Village-History/voices-from-1900-to-2000.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/voices-from-1900-to-2000.html ImageThe Chawton Heritage Society has allowed their "memories, recollections and anecdotes of the people of Chawton" to be made public for the benefit of the village and as a way of preserving the village history.

The files in this area are encoded in MP3 format and you can listen to the recollections of the 1900's to the year 2000 by clicking on play button to the left of each player.

Note that there is about 10 hours of audio in this area.
If you have a download manager, you may need to disable it to correctly listen to these files.

Tony Day's Introduction

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Robin Pink and Tom Pink

Robert Knight

Ken Grace

Joyce Kemp

Jack Colston

Millicent Tripp and Cicely Gerlach

David Whitaker

Annie Charlton and Ruth Thomas

Frank Benham

Pam Watts and Maureen Pink

Peter Gannon

Ian and Meik McNaughton

John Cleaver

The files in this area are the copyright of the Chawton Heritage Society and we would like to thank Tony Day for his approval for publishing the files on this site and his work in preserving the village history.

If you would like to participate in other Chawton Heritage Society events or have other historical information, please contact Tony Day, his details are listed in the village contacts section


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St Nicholas Church, Chawton http://chawton.info/Village-History/st-nicholas-church-chawton.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/st-nicholas-church-chawton.html Image


A church has stood on the site of the present St. Nicholas since at least 1270 when it was mentioned in a diocesan document, but there is reason to believe that a place of worship existed there well before that date. The building was enlarged and improved inside and out over the years and much of it was re-built in the early Victorian period. However a disastrous fire in 1871 effectively destroyed the whole building except for the chancel so that the present nave, north aisle, vestry and tower date only from 1872/3 although many of the early memorials were saved and are still on the walls.

Chawton Church, before the fire of 1871
The architect of the new church was Mr, later Sir Arthur Blomfield, the builder was Messrs Dyer of Alton, and the cost was about £2300. The construction is of flint faced with Bath stone and the style was at the time described as Early Decorated Gothic. The building remains virtually unaltered to this day and is recognized as a fine example of a Victorian parish church and is now listed Grade 2*.

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St Nicholas Church - Brief History http://chawton.info/Village-History/st-nicholas-church-brief-history.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/st-nicholas-church-brief-history.html ImageThe manor of Chawton is listed in the Doomsday Book of 1086 as Cheltone meaning 'the place where calves are reared' but since it would not have been taxable there is no mention of any church which may have been in the village at the time. The manor was given by William the Conqueror to a Norman follower, Hugh de Port, a man of considerable piety who ended his days as a monk, and it seems likely that he would have established some kind of place of worship whilst he occupied these lands particularly since the village was on the pilgrims route from Winchester to Canterbury.

The first real evidence of a church points to its having been built between 1225 and 1250 but the earliest known reference in official church records to a church in Chautone appears in a list of churches and chapels in the Diocese of Winchester dated 1270. It is possible that this church was dedicated to St. Mary and St. Nicholas which were the dedications on the two pre-reformation bells which the church contained. In 1289 Sir John de St. John was the first recorded patron and in that year William Wainbridge was replaced as Rector of Chawton by Thomas de St John. The names are known of all subsequent patrons and incumbents, the former including Queen Elizabeth, King Charles I (during the lunacy of the actual patron) and from 1578, when they acquired the manor, the Knight family until they passed it to the Bishop of Winchester in 1953 on the joining of Chawton and Farringdon as a benefice.

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The Village - how did it get the name http://chawton.info/Village-History/the-village-how-did-it-get-the-name.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/the-village-how-did-it-get-the-name.html ImageWe've had a query from Terry and Anne O'Dell at "The Village" (the house adjacent to the pub) and they are interested in the history of their house - can you help ?

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New Historic Pictures http://chawton.info/Village-History/new-historic-pictures.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/new-historic-pictures.html ImageA number of historic pictures have been provided which date back to 1866, making them the oldest ones we have to date.
The pictuers have been published in the picture gallery.

A special thanks to David and Pene Whitaker for releasing these pictures to us.

Do you have any other historic pictures that you would be willing to share - if so, please contact us and we'll do the rest.

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Village History http://chawton.info/Village-History/village-history.html http://chawton.info/Village-History/village-history.html A number of people have expressed an interest in seeing more historic pictures of the village. currently the only pictures we have are from the "last 100 years" book, a number of pictures from the 1960's and the present day. All of which are in the picture gallery.]]> webmaster@chawton.info (Administrator) Village History Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:44:46 +0000