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40Mbps Broadband

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The Alton telephone exchange has recently been upgraded to support "BT Infinity", this allows for up to 40Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds using fibre optic cables.

This service works by either a fibre link direct to your house, or more commonly, reducing the length of the copper phone wires from your house to the exchange. You may have noticed the larger than usual dark green cabinets popping up on the street side around Alton in the recent weeks, these are the boxes that make this possible.

Information from the instalaltion engineer during an install in the village shows that Chawton is partly covered. The unit at the end of the Winchester Road supports Wolf's Lane and some houses into the village. Currently the second box that supports the village - next to the phone box opposite the Museum is not currently enabled, meaning that this end of the Village can't currently receive the service. This looks like an activity for the Parish Plan !.

You can see if your line supports the higher data rates by visiting the BT web site here. Just enter your phone number and the system will tell you what services you can get today. The service is also available via a number of other Internet providers too - as long as the BT web site says your number supports the service, you can order it via your your ISP.

For those who can't get BT Infinity and are frustrated by slow broadband lines, have you considered making your current broadband faster ?

Take a look at the BT I-Plate. This is a small filter that removes the electrical noise within your house from getting onto the broadband line, hence you get a faster and more stable link. I typically see a 1Mbps or better increase in speed after fitting one. They are available for about £10 and can be purchased here.

Note that you must have a BT NTE5 master socket in your house to fit one of these units.


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